Internship of students from the Secondary Industrial School Zlín

During the graduation period, students of the lower grades of industrial schools complete their 14-day internships, when they exchange school desks for work in real production. We welcomed seven students from the Secondary School of Apprenticeship in Zlín.

Right after the initial training, introduction of our company and a tour of the production, the students got to work. Each of them gained experience in a different department - from technology and cooperation to operating CNC machines and working as a mechanic to checking finished parts and shipping. The students were very skilled and we thank them very much for their diligence and the work they did. We hope to see them again next year at the internships or this summer at the temporary jobs while deepening their knowledge and practical skills.

We would also like to thank our employees for the wonderful support they have given to the young engineers, for their willingness, time and patience. Thank you.